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Chichen Itzá Station is not yet available (mexican pesos)

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Precios desde Campeche Tren Maya

Prices from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

Precios Cafeteria Tren Maya


Food and Drink Menu


Food menu

At Turitren the importance of your time and comfort is very important. That is why these new tourist trains have a cafeteria, where you will find ham sandwiches, puff pastries, baguettes, empanadas, paninis and sweet bread, as well as various fried foods and sweets.

Drinks on board

In the Turitren you could not miss refreshing and hot drinks, as well as various alcoholic drinks according to your taste such as sodas, juices, hot drinks, and from the bar you can buy national liquors and beers, to make your trip more pleasant. The service is offered during all journeys.

Precios de Transportacion del Tren Maya



Leaving Cancun, you can take the ADO to the Maya Train station, at 5:30 am for departure at 7am. Upon arrival in Cancun, an ADO will be waiting for you and will take you to the ADO downtown bus station lasting 20 minutes. In both cases, the cost is $120  pesos with the bus attendant. Likewise, there is a green bus that, when you arrive in Cancun, will take you to the airport for free.



Upon arrival in Mérida, at the exit of the station inside the parking lot, there are the "Va y Ven" electric buses of the new southeastern electric bus system IE TRAM operated by "Mobility ADO", with stops at Montejo 60 and park " La Plancha" with a cost of $45 and a 40-minute ride. Tickets can be purchased upon arrival inside the terminal at a commercial location. These are available upon your return (or departure).



Upon arrival in Campeche, there is also a "SUR" bus, which takes you to downtown, to the first stop at the downtown Gamma hotel,  on the boardwalk, in the police module, in front of where the "letters" of Campeche are where people take photos, and two blocks from the beautiful historic downtown. It works for both arrival and return, the cost is $45 mexican pesos and is paid upon boarding with the bus attendant. 



Upon arriving in Valladolid, you can take the bus located in the parking area to the center of Valladolid for $35. The only inconvenience is that it takes quite a while to depart. The center is very close, just 5 minutes away, so if you find taxis outside, we suggest using one, especially for your return trip. You can also take a local taxi to the Turitren station, as taking the bus from the ADO terminal can be chaotic due to its small size.

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